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Brand Management and Advertising

Northpoints unique training model builds actionable knowledge

in areas of marketing specialisation




As markets mature and become increasingly competitive, and consumers become more individualistic and can no longer be treated as masses of customer groups, the marketeers’ role has become more complex. In this context, developing an in-depth understanding of the mind of the rapidly evolving consumer, her drives and motivations, and the impact of cultural and social influences, has become critical.

Building brands that appeal, not just to the rational but equally to the emotional side of the consumer, defines the difference between success and failure.

Developing an insight into how traditional media works to understand the growing relevance of new media is vital. Effective communication happens only when marketing investment employs an optimum use of media to reach consumers where and how they consume messages.

Thus, to become a marketing professional it is necessary to not just understand basic principles of theory, but to get an extensive exposure to experience of how effective brands are built and sustained.

The Northpoint program in Brand Management And Advertising is designed to cover all areas in the mix that play a role in building effective brands, including brand management, advertising communications (press/ TV/ Digital and so on).

The NCL unique model builds actionable knowledge by partnering with large organizations who train at NCL and share their practices, offer internships on live projects within organizations and recruit talent from the program.




  • 11 month fast-track career program
  • Optimum blend between contemporary theory & rigorous exposure to Industry
  • Course designed and delivered in partnership with Industry
  • Multiple internships to assist in overall growth and understanding of Marketing
  • 100% Placement record


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