Parents Speak

    • Mrs & Mr Amrite Parent - Batch of 2015 - 16 "The transformation of our son in building on his passion of creative pursuits has been of such a sense of pride for us. His learning at Northpoint on the way brands develop and the hands on experience of making ads has assisted in him firming up a job with one of the most renowned ad film makers in the Country. This would not have been possible without our son doing his internship and getting learning hands on."
    • Mrs Naik Parent - Batch of 2015 - 16 "The course which entails my daughter in completing extensive internships in the rural and urban markets has led her to have a great practical exposure to real life and for developing her interest in the field of Market Research. "
    • Mrs Pagarani Parent - Batch of 2015 - 16 "With living in the campus at Northpoint and being put through the grind, I'm really glad how my daughter has started to take life and her career a little more seriously. The boost in her confidence levels has been extremely heartening."
    • Mrs. Rawool Parent - Batch of 2015 - 16 "Northpoint has helped my daughter with an opportunity to be self- dependent and an effective decision maker. The exposure she has gained over her stay at Northpoint and the projects & internships which she has completed, has helped her improve and sharpen her skills."

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