Northpoint Center Of Learning

Northpoint Center Of Learning


Business success is created by managerial intelligence. Managerial intelligence comes from actionable knowledge. Actionable knowledge can be created only by inducing a real-time practical dimension to existing theory, which is really a documentation of past experience. And that real learning begins where theory ends. This leads to successful careers and prosperous organizations.

At the core of the Northpoint philosophy to effective learning is the partnership between the industry and the centre. This is because executive development can be productive only through sustained intervention and customization of training inputs, relevant to the specific needs of each industry/organization. Thus, the Northpoint offering includes assessment, analysis, customized development and delivery of training programmes to ensure desired transformation.


Northpoint is NOT another business school.

The Northpoint model is designed to promote business success by empowering managers and young professionals with updated knowledge and decision-making skills. To make all learning relevant, it works through a close partnership with industry to deliver customised development of effective talent through sustained engagement.

An essential element of the Northpoint charter is the development of fresh knowledge through on-going research to facilitate understanding of evolving business challenges that influence decision making in the contemporary context.

Through its panel of senior executives with decades of experience of managing both Indian and international businesses, the Northpoint consulting panel is equipped to engage with organisations to advise on strategic issues and help implement programmes for business success.


Northpoint Centre of Learning has been established by Lintas Employees' Welfare Trusts, the former Indian shareholders of Lintas India Private Limited. Lintas India is a leading communications group of 16 businesses. It is a member of Lowe Worldwide, which is a part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, USA. Interpublic is a leading worldwide organization of advertising agencies and marketing services companies. It has 43,000 employees worldwide in 130 countries.

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