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We endeavour to leave every person we engage with, with an 'Experience'. Hear what our students, partners, faculty and professionals have to say of the Northpoint experience.

                     Harnain Thapar
                 PGPAMMC 2011-12, Placed with The Economist (Marketing)

               "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step at Northpoint. Northpoint is a place which has not only taught me academics but also built my confidence and helped me to live independently. It was really an experiential journey with ups and downs and I enjoyed it."


  • Kshitij Aggarwal,
    PGPAMMC 2011-12. Placed with OM Logic Digital Agency

    "I would like to thank the Northpoint Centre of Learning for giving me an opportunity to shift from a technical domain to the media industry. It was a fulfilling experience to be guided and mentored by our Dean and professors. I remember how they always pushed us to out-do ourselves and believe in our capabilities. There were instances when we lost focus and lost belief in ourselves, but they motivated us and taught us how to face failure, how to be responsible for our work and what level of discipline it takes to get the results you desire."

  • Nandita Roy
    Topper of the PGPAMMC 2011-12. Placed with the Lintas Media Group

    "A big 'Thank you' is due! Northpoint was a lovely experience and it feels so sad that it is all over. A great learning experience and I want to say thank you for everything."

  • Mohan Bissa
    Student of the PGPMR 2010-11 batch, employed with Nielsen India

    The Nielsen Northpoint programme is one of its kind in terms of the entire curriculum, the learning and the exposure to the Marketing Research industry, making it stand out in comparison to any other course in the field of academia. Further, it comes from The Nielsen Company with Northpoint bringing out the best of two worlds together, with a plethora of learning imparted through a combination of theory and its implications in real life (for e.g. We had a Ex-Naval Submarine commander to conduct sessions on 'Team Building') making it truly inspiring. We were also few of the lucky ones to be exposed to various business units (CR, RMS, BASES, Qualitative, etc.) across Nielsen and gained a good understanding of various processes followed within them. Simply put, it is a unique combination of the industry and the state of the art academic infrastructure that is required in order to groom researchers and leaders for the Marketing Research industry."

  • Pallavi Mitra
    PGPAMMC 2005-06 batch, employed at Law and Kenneth

    "Studying at Northpoint was a fantastic experience. Right from the picturesque location, to the impressive architecture of the institute to our knowledgeable and dynamic visiting faculty, everything was exceptional. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences professionally and personally."

  • Saraswati Kheterpal
    PGPAMMC 2005-06 batch, employed at Publicis

    "Northpoint - Centre of learning, is a realistic balance between theory and practice. It is an educational centre which puts you in the shoes of a complete professional, who is fit to be a part of the advertising industry.

    My 18 months with Northpoint have given me - 'Practical learning by doing!' and i think that it is the only place which can do that."

  • Neville de Souza
    PGPAMMC 2005-06 batch, employed at Lowe Lintas

    "The perfect marriage between academicians and the industry - NORTHPOINT CENTRE OF LEARNING."

  • Natalya Saldanha
    PGPAMM 2004-05, employed at Creativeland Asia

    "A road once trodden, I will tread again. Northpoint was the perfect Gurukul for me. It not only enriched me with the finest lessons in media and advertising, but also honed my soft skills, which has moulded me today."


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