Message from the Mentor

Northpoint is an idea born out of real-life corporate need, dictated by a rapidly evolving business environment - the need for a training model that would embellish academic knowledge with experiential learning to produce job ready managers.
Northpoint’s specific MISSION is to develop professional talent for industry, thus creating a bridge between career aspirations of young men and women and the contemporary talent requirements of the industry.


The unique Northpoint model is designed to train graduates in specific functional areas/businesses. All training is conducted in partnership with leading organizations, who engage in the design and delivery of the curriculum. All courses aim to build actionable knowledge through experiential learning, thereby making Northpoint graduates job-ready on entry. This is ensured because most training is conducted by senior practicing managers from partner companies. Every session brings in live experience into the class and serves as a contemporary case study.Over a third of each program involves field study and internship on live projects in companies. 
This model ensures job-ready managers, ready to hit the ground running without the need for long lead times to become productive.
The success of the Northpoint model is borne out by the achievements of over 550 graduates serving in organisations in India and abroad.
For us, it is specially gratifying to note the progressively rising standard of graduates from year to year, young men and women who now command respect for their contributions to industry.
Prem Mehta



Industry view

We think global. We provide a varied, multicultural learning environment that gives us a cutting edge and a unique competitive advantage.

While MBA courses impart a basic knowledge of Market Research or Marketing Communication, the Northpoint program brings in the rigors of specialized training required for the Industry

We partner with some of the country’s largest and most successful advertising and marketing companies. Our Market research program joint devised with Nielsen brings in all the necessary pre-requisites which assist our students from being hands on with their jobs starting day one.

Northpoint Centre of Learning has been established by the Lintas Employees' Welfare Trusts (add the year), the former Indian shareholders of Lintas India Private Limited. Lintas India is a leading communications group of 16 businesses. It is a member of Lowe Worldwide, which is a part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, USA.

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