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Roosevelt D'Souza

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  • Marketing Research
  • Nielsen
  • Senior Vice President, Consumerization
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Roosevelt is an Executive Director in The Retail Measurement services (RMS) unit.   Roose is responsible for client servicing, working with 100+ clients across India. 
I have been in this role since 1st June 2010. 
My primary responsibilities include:- 
- Client servicing (including client presentations, T2T meetings, meeting all contractual obligations, servicing issues, etc) 
- Business development 
- All commercial accountabilities (Revenue, profitability, cash flows, etc)
- Team building, as the team is relatively new across branches. Building a mindset of servicing, keeping the client at the centre (Client centricity) of everything we do. Changing mindset from data delivery to insight delivery, from being a vendor to being a partner. 
- Raising the servicing standards and bringing discipline and consistency in the way we deal with clients (Nielsen Client Service Code of Conduct)
Client service excellence isn’t about doing what no one else can do, but about what anyone can do, but doesn’t. 
I have been with Nielsen CR since 1998, starting my career in the industrial and B2B business, later taking on additional responsibilities, including driving the International research business, automotive sector, etc. 
I have played a key role in development of the eQ (Customer Satisfaction) in India and was appointed as the Branded Solutions Leader for eQ, across the APIMEA region in 2009. 
Some key moments ….. 
 - growing the automotive engagement with JD Power, multi fold within just 4 years (From US$ 100K to US$ 1.0 Mln).
 - I have successfully driven new initiatives such as setting up a finance rhythm system among CR associates, focusing on revenue and DBO’s. Living the Nielsen values of being open and integrated. This has now become a business imperative and a key driver across the business. 
 - BPI:I am a big believer in BPI and the good that this will bring to our organization. I have been the Process Owner (till October’10) for CR BPI cycle time reduction projects, driving the change in the CR organization. 
- I am also the process owner for cycle time reduction in RMS, our biggest BPI initiative in 2011. 
- Apart from a couple of ART and Simply Excellent awards, the key “aha” moments for me (Professionally) have been 
o Highest revenue from new clients – 2004
o Highest revenue from new clients – 2006
o Best Director of the year – 2008
o Being sent for the 2011 NLP  
- I live in Mumbai with my wife Pratima and son Manav. 
- My interests range from travel, cars, socializing to simply lazing in bed watching movies (can do 3 movies back to back on a good day!). 
Leadership quote….
“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”…Peter F Drucker"

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