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Mahesh Chauhan

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"Hi. I am Mahesh Chauhan aka Mash.
I am a techie from IITB, who chose advertising out of sheer curiosity. Little did I know that it would become my calling. 
Over the last couple of decades, I have run a regional business (Asia and Africa regions), a regional office, a couple of agencies and, in my last stint, the Rediffusion Group. 
The energy and passion I bring to the business define me. I am a dreamer in a never-say-die pursuit of Utopia. A place where people will be happy and merit will be the only currency. A place that’s fun and challenging. A place that cherishes itself for its high quality strategic and creative inputs. A place that truly partners clients in their pain as well as in their success. A place that will once again lead time and thought in brand-building and communication. 
I live my dream with Salt.
1. Rated amongst the most influential people in advertising every year from 2006 by ET- Brand Equity
2. Listed amongst top 10 people in advertising by Indian Express
3. Citizen of the Year 2006 of Allahabad
4. Recognized in various business forums "

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