Executive Development Programs


We are glad to introduce our Executive Education Programmes. Its unique development model of Building Actionable Knowledge with the collaboration of management and business practitioners has been a differentiator in training professionals. The learning pedagogy is built on the action learning process which involves 

• Course curriculum co-created and customized by a participatory process to meet development goals

• Pedagogy delivery by practicing managers and experts reinforces action learning

• Coaching and review process program to support development

  •  Managerial and Leadership Competency for Organisation results

The Executive development Centre at Northpoint focuses on providing a continuous talent development opportunity for corporates in various areas of management and leadership development through open and customized programmes. It partners with business corporations and institutions to support them in developing leadership for their future growth by providing competent professional managers and leaders at various levels. 

It enables them to

             1. Identify and assess potential though systematic tools and assessments.

             2. Provide the knowledge for emerging roles and functions through customised learning  and development programs

             3. Monitor and review, coach and mentor such talent.

             4. Develop competencies for the future so they are ready to deliver through bench mark processes and results 

To add to our core Faculty strength we invite outstanding practitioners, leaders and experts with a commitment of develop potential managers and leaders, to associate with us as an Faculty Member to facilitate learning outcomes for various development programs. 

We also invite Leaders in Institutions in partnering with us as members of the Thought Leadership Council for Executive Education.

An honorarium comparable with best - in - class is envisaged.


Last year Northpoint completed more than 14 years of helping young people build interesting careers for themselves in industry. An alumnus base of over 500 is serving different organizations in India and abroad, successfully.  The achievements of Northpoint graduates are a testimony to the effectiveness of the unique training model of Building Actionable Knowledge. All courses Brand Management & Marketing Communications or Market Research are conducted in partnership with the best organizations in their field. This ensures the validity of the curriculum which is reviewed every year and updated in keeping with industry’s requirements. Close engagement by industry, which receives the benefit of industry-ready executives, brings in senior practising executives to train and mentor students through the courses

Our Contact details are as follows –

·         Website – www.northpointindia.com

·         Email - edp@northpointindia.com

We look forward to your interest in associating with us

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