Address your business challenges through a research partnership with the Institute.

At Northpoint Centre of Learning we bring together real-world industry challenges and academic curiosity through bespoke collaborations. Our partners include world renowned advertising agencies like Mullen Lowe, cutting edge innovative digital communications agencies like iProspect and one of the largest consumer insights company in the world, Nielsen.

Partnering with us could give your business the opportunity to: 

  • Solve a business issue  to give your business a commercial advantage
  • Access expertise and facilities not available within your own organisation

How do research collaborations work?

Research collaborations can take many forms, ranging from short-term contract research projects to the creation of a long term project which successive batches can work and build a comprehensive study for your brand.

We can also offer opportunities such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), enabling you to bring our Academic Council's vast expertise into your organisation.

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